Computer Learning Center

The Computer Learning Center Partnership (CLCP) is a joint venture with the Jefferson Village Associates, who donated and built the space for the CLCP, and Fairfax County Department of Recreation. Open Monday through Friday from 2pm to 7pm, the Computer Learning Center provides hands on learning activities for all age children and their families.

CLCP offers a ‘Laptops for Learning’ program which selects 5th and 6th grade students to receive new laptop computer for their use. The students ‘pay’ for their computers using ‘Learning Dollars’ which they earn through good grades and behavior. Students attend weekly coaching sessions at the Kingsley CLCP where their ‘Learning Dollars’ account it maintained.

As part of the program students attend Tech Adventure Camp where they explore the world of computer design and robotics by learning to design and assemble and program their own creations. This is a two week summer enrichment program offered by Fairfax County Public Schools.

To learn more check out the CLCP Website.